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The Best Way to Surf Fish in a Strong Current

Surf fishing in a strong current can seem like a formidable challenge even to those with solid fishing experience. Strong currents influence fishing conditions significantly, altering the behavior and location of fish, demanding specific gear, and presenting potential hazards. But don’t be put off! With knowledge, preparation, and the right approach, surf fishing in strong currents […]

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Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Lines for [2023]

Welcome, anglers! This article is your 2023 guide to the best saltwater fishing lines out there. We will be reviewing top lines from Piscifun Onyx, HERCULES, RIKIMARU, KastKing Hammer, and Reaction Tackle – detailing their features, pros, and cons. This is to provide comprehensive information for you to select the most suitable line for your […]

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How to Shore Fish in California

Welcome fellow fishing enthusiasts! If you’re looking forward to an experience fishing from the beautiful shores of California, you’re in good company. This guide will walk you through the basics of shore fishing, introducing necessary gear, ideal fishing times, and sharing top fishing spots. We’ll also delve into the regulations and conservation measures, and end with […]

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