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Braid vs Mono for Surf Fishing: Which Fishing Line to Choose?

You do not have just one straight answer to the question of whether braid is better than mono surf fishing and vice versa. So here we will take a look at the long answer to provide sufficient information on what is best for what citation.

It is all about surf fishing so we will concentrate on this when we take a look at the pros and cons of these fishing lines. Many people will go with braid, and others prefer mono, but that is all because of their personal experience.

Read with us through the reasons we found to determine which one is best for different surf fishing applications.

Mono Line Compared to Braided Line

When you are surf fishing, there are a few factors you need to look at when you have to choose between mono and braid lines.

We will take a look at the physical characteristics of these fish lines to see what it is that sets them apart. Unfortunately, these lines are quite the opposite of each other, and they may react differently in the same situation.


The mono fish line has a lot of stretch in it that may be of great benefit in certain situations. While the braided fish line has far less stretch, it is better to use that when you have a bait to snap back.

This snapback action will cause the hook to set properly, and that makes the braided line better. When you snap back with the mono fish line, it will not set completely because of the stretch and may cause you to lose the fish.

Because of the less stretch, you will also feel it much quicker when the fish is biting so you can react in time. This simply means that you will have far more feedback and feel from a braided fish line than with a mono line.


Braid is much thinner than mono, so you will be able to have far more line on the reel when you load it with braid. Because the braided line is much more compact, you can pack the same strength into a much thinner diameter line.

This means you can use a much smaller fishing reel for the same length of a line than what you need with mono. Smaller reels mean much longer fishing time before you get tired from holding the line and reel while fishing.

This feature is going to help you a lot if you are going to do surf fishing; you can have more loaded backup reels. In the end, it will save you a lot of space when you can use smaller reels as well as overall weight.

Which Casts Farthest

Because of the smaller profile of the braided line, it allows you to cast much longer, and it also causes less friction with the guides. Braid will cut much easier through the air when you cast it than what is the case with mono.

You will be able to cast at least a couple of feet further with braid, and your casting will also be far more accurate. So for surf fishing, you are going to use this for further casting so it will at least go past the breakers.

Also, when you do surf fishing, there will be varying (weaker or stronger) winds, and this where the braided fishing line will shine. Overall, for surf fishing, you need this type of line for accurate and farther casting options.

Which One is More Abrasion Resistant?

If you are partaking in surf fishing, that means there will be a lot of structures in the form of rocks and other underwater obstructions. For this, you need a line that will be able to resist the scouring against the rocks if the fish swim in that direction.

This is where a mono fishing line is a better option because it is more abrasion resistant and will not break that easily. So if you are fishing in an area where there are a lot of jetties and underwater rocks, mono is the best option.

The only way to counter the abrasion resistance is to go for a thicker diameter braid, but that will cost much more.

Which One Has More Memory?

With mono, the line will start to take the shape of the reel after sitting on it for a long time. This means that the line will become curly over the entire length and make further casting even more difficult.

Braid does not have memory and will not take the shape of the real, making it much easier to cast far and accurately. So this will make a braided fishing line much better when you are surf fishing.

Summary - Braid vs Mono Line for Surf Fishing

The conclusion is that braid is the better option for surf fishing if you look at all the different fishing lines' characteristics. The only exception is when it comes to abrasion resistance, but that can be countered with a thicker diameter braid.

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