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What are the Best Seasons to Fish the Surf

A good fisherman knows that to be able to catch a lot of fish in one day is just a matter of timing. Many amateur fishers set off fishing but are eventually disappointed after spending an entire day but haven’t caught a single fish. Surf fishing is, in fact, not too difficult to learn.

It is the best fishing method for beginners since all you need to learn are a few basic factors. These factors are primarily knowing the right location, seasons, tides, weather conditions, and the type of fish you are trying to get on the line.

If you have perfected all the factors yet are still confused as to why you are not able to catch any fish, the reason might be the timing. There are many recommendations as to what are the best seasons to fish the surf. Many would recommend fall to be the ideal time, and others will agree that spring or winter is the right time for surf fishing.

Here we will take a look at everything you need to consider for fishing the surf.

Best Time To Surf Fish

When it comes down to the ideal time for surf fishing, many would recommend the spring and fall seasons. However, there are many other factors contributing to this knowledge as well. You can not simply get on your boat during this time and swing your boat casting rod and expect to catch a huge fish.

Other factors such as moon phase, tide, current, wind, weather conditions, time of the day, and the year play just as large of a role as the season at which you should surf fish.

Among all the factors, the first thing you should have enough knowledge on is what is the perfect time to surf fish.


Surf fishing does not normally include you having a small boat or kayak to fish. You can simply stand on the shore of the ocean and swing your rod in the sea to catch fish. Most animals change their habitat with respect to weather conditions. Likewise, fish swim near the shore, particularly during the spring or the fall season.

The best time of the day to go surf fishing is normally early in the morning, which is from dawn until about 9 am to 10 am. You may easily be able to catch fish during this time, attributing to the reason that this time is aligned with the nocturnal feeding of the fish.

You can surf fish during the summertime as well since the likelihood of fish appearing near the shore is high during dusk hours. During this time, there is not a lot of traffic on the beach and fish are easily found swimming near the shore.

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The tides play a crucial role in the presence of the fish near the shore as well. The ocean waves are influenced by the gravity of the sun and moon. The biggest and smallest tides are normally attributed to the harmony of the sun and the moon. When the moon is spinning closer to the earth, the tide is at its maximum.

Spring tides, which are known to be the most intense tides, are more prominent when we observe a full moon. A common belief also exists amongst fishermen that fish feed the most during a full moon. Therefore, they are likely to be closer to the shore during that time than at any other time of the day.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play just as crucial a role as any other factor contributing to the ideal time for surf fishing. However, these conditions may be a little challenging to address since there are a lot of factors contributing to the weather conditions alone.

Cold breezes on the beach are not the most ideal time to go surf fishing. The perfect time is usually when the breeze is soft and the pressure is low. Sudden disruption of weather conditions may ruin a good chance of you catching some good fish.

Another thing you want to consider while surf fishing is that there are no extreme weather conditions. Any prediction of storms or heavy rainfalls will have a significant impact on your fishing success. Cloudy days are also a plus when going surf fishing as they encourage fish to feed since the clouds block out the sunlight from reaching the ocean.


After deciding upon the best time to go surf fishing, you need to make sure that you are prepared for your day out for fishing. Make sure you have checked all the things that you need before setting off on your fishing adventure. The tides, weather, season, and temperature all play an equally crucial role in predicting the likelihood of fish near the shore.

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