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Top Five Mustad Hooks for Saltwater Fishing of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Mustad is a fishing equipment manufacturer that has been operating since 1877. The company excels in producing quality tools to help anglers all over the globe make huge catches and enjoy their fishing sessions.

When it comes to innovations, this company sets the bar for modern designs and quality hooks. Here you will find equipment for every species. Mustad employees have a passion for what they do. That is why they are always innovating to make fishing easier.

Since 1877, they have amassed a vast collection of hooks and it can be challenging to pick the most suitable hook for your fishing activities. Below is a list of the five best tools to try.

What are some of the best Surf Fishing hooks by Mustad?

Here are some of Mustad's best Surf Fishing hooks.
  1. Kaiju Saltwater Treble hook.
  2. Ringed Demon Circle Hook offset.
  3. Seamate Hook.
  4. Saltwater StreamerSignature Fly hook.
  5. Saltwater Circle Hook Kit.

Mustad Fishing Hooks for Saltwater Fishing Reviews

1. Kaiju Saltwater Treble Hook

Kaiju Saltwater Treble Hook

If you are looking for an effective hook with standard length, then this might be the one for you. Mustad carefully crafted this tool to withstand large fish struggles. It is one of the strongest options you will find. The hook is durable and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater.


The Kaiju saltwater treble hook is seven times stronger than the standard wire. In addition, it has a forged treble to allow it to withstand extreme saltwater conditions.

This hook has a wide gap to provide more holding power when targeting large fish. In addition, the micro barbs present makes it easier to hook fish. The Kaiju treble hook has a Mustad dura-steel finish for maximum corrosion resistance.

The only disadvantage of using this is that there is no standard size for making the hooks. This is a part Mustad needs to improve on.


  • Seven times stronger than standard wire
  • Dura-shell finish
  • Opti-angle needlepoint
  • Wide hook gap


  • There is no universal standard for producing the hook.

2. Ringed Demon Circle Hook Offset

Ringed Demon Circle Hook

This is a popular choice among many fishermen because of its smooth welded action ring. The smooth feature gives it a safe anchor point. Mustad recommends that you use live bait for this tool. Having live bait increases the range of motion and helps anglers increase the number of strikes.


The first feature is its circle hook design. The circular structure makes it easy to drift the live bait and attract fish. For best results, ensure that you use the correct hook size that matches the bait when live baiting.

This circle hook is three times stronger, making it ideal for targeting large fish. Its distinct curve shape ensures that the hook translates to the corner of the mouth. The design allows you to get a firm grip on the fish. However, it is not the strongest hook available at Mustad.

It has a hook-curbed hook point for an improved hook set.


  • Hook-curbed hook point
  • Three times stronger
  • Distinct curve shape
  • Provides optimal results with live bait


  • May not be the best choice for use with artificial baits

3. Sea Mate Hook

Sea Mate Hook

This is a strong hook that will last you longer. Mustad made this equipment convenient for all types of saltwater fishing. That is why it is common to find lots of swordfish fishermen using it.


The sea mate hook is two times stronger compared to wire. Its robust structure makes it easier to resist fights from large catches. However, there are stronger options than this hook available.

It also has a knife-edge sharp hook point and brazed tapered eye. These two features work together to provide you the ultimate angle and also more holding power.

There is an inward-pointing hook point that is perfect for placing your bait. Ensure that you use large bait with bigger hooks.

The inward hook point presents the perfect place to hang your bait. This way, you have more control and strength to control the hook plus your caught fish.

The Sea Mate hook has a durable finish for optimal corrosion resistance.


  • It is two times stronger than other hooks
  • It has a knife-edge sharp hook point
  • Durable finish
  • Has a brazed tapered eye


  • Not always in stock

4. Saltwater Streamer Signature Fly Hook

Saltwater Streamer Signature Fly Hook

The Saltwater streamer signature fly hook is a versatile tool, and fishermen use it to catch all kinds of fish. They love it because of its large water hook.

Mustad developed the hook with the help of the world's top tiers to create the perfect gap, bend, diameter, and shark length proportions.


The hook is two times more robust than standard wire. This makes it perfect for tying a variety of shrimp and crab patterns. It also has a straight eye that gives fly, and this creates more swimming action.

It has a unique sharpness and strength. Having a sharp hook is beneficial as it easily hooks itself to the fish's mouth. However, this is not the strongest hook from Mustad.

The micro barbs present are easy to pinch down without damaging the hooks. This way, your hook stays in good shape for longer. The duration finish also increases its lifespan by making it resistant to corrosion.


  • Two times stronger
  • Has a straight eye
  • Unique hook sharpness
  • Duration finish


  • Not always in stock 

5. Saltwater Circle Hook Kit

Saltwater Circle Hook Kit

The main advantage of having this circle hook kit is you have various options. These hooks come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It is the best fishing companion for pro anglers looking to increase their catch.


The hook set features hooks with a wide gap. This wide gap generates more holding power. It is hard for fish to wrestle when using this tool. Removing it can be a bit tricky because of its short shank.

This Saltwater tool kit has circle hooks that ensure it travels to the corner of a fish's mouth. Unfortunately, it is easy to remove them, and this might decrease your catch.

The Saltwater circle hook kit contains very strong hooks, more than three times stronger than others. Mustad used mire technology that made the hook light and up to 20% stronger.

This way, you can expect to go to lots of fishing sessions before you go looking for another hook kit. The duration layer makes it resistant to corrosion.


  • Wide hook gap
  • Stronger
  • It is light
  • Has duration layer


  • Removing the hook can be a bit tricky


 The Kaiju Saltwater Treble Hook is the best option for anglers who shift between seawater and freshwater fishing grounds, depending on the targeted fish species. For a sharp and corrosion-resistant hook, try the Sea Mate Hook.

The circle hook kit is a great choice if you have never used these types of hooks because of the variety of hooks included in it. You can experiment with each one to see what works best for you in catching the fish that you are targeting.

Please visit the Mustad website for more information on these products and to explore all the other products available to you for all your fishing accessory needs.

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