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Top Five Fly Lures For Saltwater Complete Reviews with Comparisons

It is sometimes a problem to find what you are looking for with the vast online market at your disposal. This is especially the case when looking for fishing equipment; you never know where to start looking for the right equipment.

With that many saltwater lures on the market, it isn't easy to decide which one will be best for you. In this review, we will look at the saltwater lures that will help to make your fishing trip much more fun.

So keep on reading and find the one you need for your next fishing trip for boat or surf fishing.

Comparison Chart

School of Fly Fishing – 30 PC Saltwater Fly Assortment – 15 Clouser Minnows – 15 Deciever Flies with Silicone Fly Box

3 Flies | Chartreuse Tarpon Saltwater Streamer Fly | 3/0 Mustad Signature Fly Hooks 

Haggerty Lures Lefty’s Deceiver Flies Set of 2 – Saltwater 1/0 to 5/0 – Streamer (White/Chartreuse, 1/0 Saltwater Hook (Smallest))

The Fly Fishing Place Lefty’s Deceiver Fly Fishing Flies Collection – Assortment of 8 Saltwater and Bass Flies – Hook Size 1/0

Tarpon Saltwater Fly Fishing Fly Collection: 6 Flies + Fly Box

Fly Lures For Saltwater Reviews

30 Piece Saltwater Lure Kit From School of Fly Fishing

This extensive fly kit provided by the School of Fly fishing will be a great addition to your fishing tackle box. The different hook sizes at your disposal make it a pretty versatile kit for striped bass and redfish angling.


With the strong and sturdy silicone storage case included with this kit, you will not easily displace or lose your pieces. It comes included with various tail colors to make it easy to use for catching that elusive striped bass.

Created with the classic saltwater fly pattern in mind, the lures will be perfect for resembling smelt, the favorite feeding for bass. A large variety of colors will also make it much easier to use in both fresh and saltwater for a much better experience.

The tail, however, can easily get lost while angling, and that might be a problem if you are short on lure pieces. Even though it is versatile with the different colors, it is not suitable for other species than striped bass and redfish.


  • Comes with a sturdy silicone storage case
  • A large selection of hook sizes
  • You have different colors to choose from
  • These lures can be used for fresh and saltwater


  • May easily lose its tail
  • Cannot be used for many different styles

Chartreuse Tarpon Saltwater Streamer Fly From Region Fishing

When it comes to durability, this set of flies is the choice to improve your overall fishing experience. Region fishing is also known for its high-quality products, and these pieces will not disappoint the experienced or the beginner anglers.


These fly lures are all good-looking and well-designed. They will display very well when it is stripped in. The straight eye design will also improve the overall catching rate where it will imitate a natural swimming action when attached.

A heavy and robust saltwater streamer hook is suitable for a wide range of bonefish flies such as Clousers and Crazy Charlies. It is also corrosion-resistant to withstand the bite of saltwater and make it last much longer to save you some money.

It is an excellent flier, but you only get three pieces included with the box, so you need to buy more than one set for a long fishing trip. It also comes in only one hook size, so that limits your options a bit.


  • Can be used for most saltwater species
  • The flies are hand-tied
  • Durable and strong corrosion-resistant fly hooks
  • Sturdy design and construction


  • Only three pieces included in this kit
  • Comes with only one hook size

Hefty's Deceiver Fly Set From Haggerty Lures

This is a well-designed deceiver fly set to help improve your fishing skills and give you a great experience when out angling. The fact that you can get it in different hook sizes will make it a versatile fly set for different angling setups.


These fliers are great for a variety of fish species to improve your overall angling skill with common snook and trout at your disposal. And do not forget about the bass and striped bass you can set your eye on when using this fly set.

While they are pretty delicate and well-designed, they also use bucktail feathers to make them last for a long time. They are, in general, made from good quality materials to improve the overall durability of your fly set.

However, you have to order different configuration packets if you want to have all the hook sizes available for your fishing trips. These flies are also a bit light, so they may not be suitable for a wide variety of fish species.


  • It is available in more colors
  • Can be bought in different hook size packets
  • Made from good quality materials
  • Bucktail feathers used for toughness


  • Not many pieces to choose from
  • These flies are a bit on the light side

8 Piece Lefty's Fly Fishing Flies Collection From the Fly Fishing Place

With great innovations on offer, you will not go wrong to select these flies for your fishing tackle box as they provide a lot of variety. Made with both the experienced and the beginner angler in mind, these pieces will provide a great experience and improve overall fishing skills.


With the variety in fly colors, these flies will be great for catching different fish species in fresh and saltwater. They are also relatively easy to use by new anglers as well as experienced anglers for quick, easy attachment to the line.

This fly collection from The Fly Fishing Place is tested in different environments and fishing setups for a better fishing experience. But it is not suitable to use with varying angling styles, which may take away some of the versatility.

Even though the smaller hooks make it suitable for different species, they are small to use for professional angling. The feathers are also not well-attached to the hook and may come off easily if you are not careful.


  • Very effective for fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Easy to attach and strip in
  • Strong materials used for hook and feathers


  • The hooks are a bit small for different fishing styles
  • Feathers might easily come off if not careful

Discount Flies Tarpon Saltwater Flyfishing Fly Collection

If you are looking for an ideal fly for fly fishing, look no further than this versatile set of flies from Discount Flies. It comes with a nice and sturdy construction to make them last for a while.


To give these flies extra durability, the tails are made from fur to make them last much longer. This durability will improve the overall life expectancy of the flies and give you many hours of fly fishing experience.

Strong and sharp hooks will make the angling much easier to ensure these flies are suitable to be used by inexperienced fly fishers. The set is great for long fishing trips, with six pieces included for many hours of fishing.

The nice sturdy plastic storage box will come in handy on your fishing trips, but it is not durable enough to last long. This set does not come with larger hook sizes, unfortunately.


  • You get a nice sturdy plastic storage box included
  • Well designed
  • Strong and sharp hooks for easy fishing
  • Fur materials used on tails


  • They are not available with larger hook sizes
  • Plastic storage box will not last very long


It is easy to choose a winner in this lineup with the nice 30-piece saltwater fly assortment set from the School of Fly Fishing. In second place is the Lefty's deceiver flies set from Haggarty Lures with great variety in different hook sizes for an improved experience.

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