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Top 5 Surf Fishing Rods [2023]

If you’re looking to cast a line and catch some waves, you’re in the right place. We’ve researched the top 5 surf fishing rods of 2023, and we’ll be telling you all about them. We’ve given detailed reviews of each rod, as well as their pros and cons. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you decide which is the right rod for you. Finally, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you make the right purchase.

Top 5 Surf Fishing Rods Reviews

Daiwa Liberty Club Surf Casting Rod

The Daiwa Liberty Club SURF T Telescopic Surf Casting Rod T25-390·K is a great option for those looking for an easy to use and portable surf casting rod. It features a 3.90m length and boasts a 4-joint design, with a carbon content of 28%. The cross length is 109cm and the weight is 415g, with a top diameter of 2.5mm and an end diameter of 23.6mm. Furthermore, it has a weight load of 75g-112g and a reel seat position of 82cm, with a stainless steel reel seat and Little sensor touch grip for added comfort. The folding end guide offers excellent portability and the entire rod is designed to provide a refreshing sense of charm when casting. It’s perfect for those who want to explore the Namitome-dike-sea fishing park, and is sure to help you land a great catch.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Telescopic design
  • Wide size range (15-360 and 20-390)
  • 25000 maximum drag rating


  • Handle may be too short for some
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can be difficult to assemble

Shimano Tiralejo Surf Spinning Rod

The Tiralejo Spinning is a well-designed rod for the serious surf-casting angler. It features Fuji K-Frame Alconite Guides and a Fuji Reel Seat for increased sensitivity and improved casting performance. The actions and guide settings of the Tiralejo were designed to pair perfectly with Shimano Ultegra XTD and Ultegra CI4+ surf reels, a combination Shimano refers to as the Long Cast Concept. This allows anglers to reach previously unachievable distances, allowing them to target those hard-to-reach fish. The rod is lightweight and comfortable to use, with a soft, yet powerful tip that can handle a variety of lures. It also has a fast taper for quick loading and fast casts. The rod is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that if something should happen it is guaranteed to be taken care of.


  • Lightweight, sturdy and well-built
  • Great for long distance casts
  • Strong and reliable
  • Good for catching sturgeon
  • Halibut and leopard sharks
  • Can handle 4onz lures easily


  • Sensitivity may make it seem like you have a bite more often than you do
  • May not be as cost effective as less expensive rod and reel combinations
  • Some have experienced tip and rod breakage

TICA UEHA421301S, Black, 7’0′

The TICA UEHA Surf Rod is designed to give anglers the perfect combination of power, stability, and durability. This high-modulus graphite construction rod is light yet tough enough to battle with perch, salmon, and stripers. The rod also features high-grade titanium oxide ring guides and FUJI aluminum oxide ring top guide, a TICA APS graphite reel seat, and a superior non-slip cork tape handle. This 7-foot rod is designed to meet the demands of both East and West Coast anglers and is perfect for a wide variety of fishing. With a comfortable and durable handle and eye-catching cosmetics, the TICA UEHA Surf Rod is sure to be a favorite among anglers.


  • Rated 4 of 5 stars or higher by most users
  • Good balance and light weight
  • Great casting and sensitive to feel the hit
  • Quality craftsmanship and construction
  • Over-the-top bargain for the money
  • Comparable to more expensive rods
  • Takes the test of time and has better long term durability


  • Reel seat issues
  • End of the rod portion snapped for some users
  • Ceramic inserts fell out for some users
  • Rod was broken in shipping for some users
  • Picture item was not what was received for some users
  • Wrong rod was received for some users
  • Butt is too long for some users

Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

The Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod is made from two pieces of graphite composite blank which provides an excellent balance between lightness and strength. The stainless steel guides are equipped with aluminum oxide inserts, allowing anglers to use both braid and monofilament without worrying about breakage. The rod also comes with a DPS reel seat with stainless steel hood, which ensures a firm and reliable connection between the reel and the rod. The rubber shrink tube grip also provides a secure and comfortable grip even in slippery conditions.

This versatile surf casting fishing rod is suitable for a wide range of techniques and species. It is ideal for battling stripers, blues, and a variety of other species. The lightweight and sensitive feel of the rod makes it easier to use and helps you perform at the top of your game. It also offers great pulling power and it is strong enough to handle hard-pulling fish. The Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod is perfect for those looking for a reliable and durable rod for surf casting.


• Comes in a variety of sizes and models
• Lightweight and ergonomic handle
• Can cast long distances with 4-5oz weights
• Good action to indicate when a fish is on the line
• Quality construction with a beautiful finish
• Easy replacement process


• Guides can be cheaply made and break easily
• Tip insert can come loose after a few casts
• Price point may be too high for what it is
• Rods may break easily or have parts missing
• Overhead casts can be difficult with heavy weights

Daiwa Windcast 423H-AD Surfcasting Fishing Rod

The Daiwa Windcast 423H-AD Surf 13.78 Feet 3.52-7.00 Ounce, 3 Parts, Surfcasting Fishing Rod offers a great combination of power and precision for long-distance casting. The rod is designed to be especially effective when fishing in the Baltic or Northern Sea. It has a thin yet powerful blank, with a softer tip for great bite indication. It is able to cast weights from 3.52-7.05 ounces, allowing for a maximum weight on line, including the lure. The rod is made of HMC+ carbon fiber blank and is equipped with an ergonomic handle and saltwater-proof titanium oxide guides. The rod is 13.78 feet in length, with a transport length of 4.82 feet, and weighs 18.87 ounces. This rod is designed to easily handle the toughest coastal conditions and is perfect for surf casting.


  • Amazing Surfcasting rod with beautiful and powerful performance
  • Worth the money
  • Great value


  • Not as flexible as desired
  • Could benefit from a smaller test

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a surf fishing rod, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should consider the type of rod you need and the features that are important to you. Additionally, you should also think about price, durability, and ease of use. To help you make the best decision, here is a buyer’s guide to help you decide which surf fishing rod is the best for you.

First, you should decide what type of rod you need. There are two main types of surf fishing rods: spinning and casting. Spinning rods are great for casting farther out into the surf line, while casting rods are better for surf
fishing closer to shore. Additionally, you should consider the action of the rod – fast action rods are better for fishing in choppy waters and slow action rods are better for fishing in calm waters.

Next, consider the features you need. For example, if you’re looking for a rod that can handle heavy lures and big fish, you should look for rods with a higher line rating. Additionally, if you’re looking for a rod that you can use in both freshwater and saltwater, look for rods with corrosion-resistant materials.

When it comes to price, you should look for a rod that fits within your budget. However, you should also consider durability, as a cheaper rod may not be able to withstand the elements and could break easily. And finally, think about ease of use – look for rods that are easy to set up and break down, as well as rods that are comfortable to use.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find the best surf fishing rod for your needs. Doing your research and using this buyer’s guide will ensure that you make the best decision possible. Good luck and happy fishing!


What are the advantages of using a surf fishing rod?

Surf fishing rods offer the advantage of increased casting distance and accuracy, as well as increased strength and durability to withstand powerful saltwater species. They also offer increased sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing anglers to feel even the slightest bite or nibble.

What is the best surf fishing rod for beginners?

What is the best surf fishing rod for experienced anglers?
For experienced anglers, we recommend the Daiwa Windcast 423H-AD Surf 13.78 Feet 3.52-7.00 Ounce, 3 Parts, Surfcasting Fishing Rod. This rod is lightweight and powerful, and is designed for long casting distances with accuracy. It also has a great power to weight ratio and comes with an aluminum oxide guide for increased sensitivity and responsiveness.

What should I look for when buying a surf fishing rod?

When buying a surf fishing rod, you should look for one that is lightweight and easy to cast, but still has enough power to handle the strength of saltwater species. You should also look for a rod that has a good power to weight ratio and comes with an aluminum oxide guide for increased sensitivity and responsiveness. Additionally, it should have a graphite blank that offers great sensitivity and durability.


Our top 5 best surf fishing rods are the Daiwa Windcast 423H-AD Surf 13.78 Feet 3.52-7.00 Ounce, 3 Parts, Surfcasting Fishing Rod, Daiwa Liberty Club SURF T Telescopic Surf Casting Rod T25-390·K, TIRALEJO Spinning, TICA UEHA421301S, Black, 7’0”, and Penn Prevail and Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod (All Models and Sizes). All five of these rods are suitable for surf fishing and offer a variety of features. If you are looking for a good surf fishing rod, any of these rods will provide you with a great experience. Before you purchase a surf fishing rod, it is important to consider your needs and requirements to make sure you get the right rod for you. Ultimately, the best surf fishing rod for you is the one that will serve your needs and provide you with the best fishing experience.

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