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How to Select the Perfect Surf Fishing Rod

Without the right information, knowing how to select the perfect surf fishing rod is very challenging. If you are interested in buying a surf fishing rod, there are a few variables you need to consider when determining which rod is best for you.

Features like action matter with a fishing rod because it determines how far you can cast and how the rod functions. You also want a nice bend, so you don't work as hard to reel in your catch. But how do these things matter when selecting a rod?

Below, we will be taking a look at everything you need to know when making this decision so you can make the best purchasing choice for your preferences and needs. Let's get right to it so you can get fishing!

How do I pick the best surf fishing rod?

There are several factors that determine the best surf fishing rod for any individual, but the most important factor in picking one is the length. Surf Fishing rods vary in length from 9' to 14', shorter individuals should pick the shortest length that they can handle safely and comfortably. Taller individuals can handle any of the available rod lengths. Other factors in picking your surf fishing rod are it's power and action.

Rod Length

A surf fishing rod usually is 9 to 14 feet in length, which means there are many length options to choose from. Rod length is a critical factor when deciding on a surf fishing rod. Firstly, it's essential to consider your physical size and ability.

If you are shorter or have any physical limitations, a shorter rod will serve you best. You will find this length of rod more comfortable and convenient while fishing. Likewise, if you are taller or quite physically strong, a longer rod will suit you well.

The length of your rod is one of the most critical components to good casting distance. This is a big part of surf fishing because the goal is to cast your lure or bait past the waves. Plus, larger fish species need more leverage, which larger rods offer.

At the end of the day, you should select the longest rod that you can handle. Most beginners can safely choose a 10 to 12-foot rod.

Rod Power

After rod length, the second most important consideration is the rod's power. This is the strength - or lifting power - of the rod. This can range from light to heavy. Most anglers will find that a medium-heavy rod works best for them. These rods are the most versatile option, allowing you to fish in most surf conditions.

When looking at rod power, you also need to consider the line you choose. The heavier the rod, the heavier the line should be. If it is too light, you stand the risk of the fish breaking the line with more frequency.

Consider the techniques you will be using as the fish you will be targeting. This will determine the rod power and type of line you will need.

Rod Action

Once you have chosen your rod length and line, you will need to look at the rod action. This is the taper or bend that the rod exhibits under pressure.

Rods with fast action bend more at the tip, whereas slow action rods bend from the middle. The action is relevant to casting distance. Fast action provides the best casting distance and is ideal when using lures in the surf. This action is best for rods that have only one hook.

Slower action rods, typically medium action, are perfect for treble hooks that don't need as much power as single hooks.

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Reel Seats and Handles

The reel seat and handle are two elements that are normally overlooked when choosing a surf fishing rod. The seat should be made from non-corrosive materials, like graphite, which most higher-end rods are built from. Although metal alloy seats aren't necessarily bad, they will corrode over time.

Handles of surf fishing rods are normally quite long because you need the length for two-handed casting. This is necessary to cast your rod a long distance past the breakers. The handle is usually made from foam or cork - which you choose comes down to personal preference.

Surf Rods for Live Bait

Select a rod with a stiff tip and a medium-fast action if you plan to use live bait for your surf fishing. This is desirable because of the large baits and heavy sinkers typically used when using live bait for surf fishing. Avoid surf fishing rods that have soft tips - these will reduce your casting distance and bend too much.

Surf Rods for Lures

If you are selecting a rod for lures, you will find a medium-fast or a fast action rod will deliver the speed you need to cast a lure over long distances.

Final Thoughts

Surf fishing is a fantastic experience if you enjoy fishing in the ocean. But it can be quite daunting if you are new to the sport and don't know which rod to choose. With the information above, you can educate yourself on what will work best for your needs and situation. Surf fishing is an excellent pastime, combining beach life with fishing - what more could you want out of life?!

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